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Commercial Rekeying in Jersey City, NJ

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Welcome to Mr. Locksmith in Jersey City, NJ. We are a professional locksmith company with years of experience. We do commercial rekeying in Jersey City, NJ. We rekey all types of locks from the basic door lock to a more complex security lock.

Why Rekey Your Business

Most likely you are already aware of the advantages of rekeying your business and just need someone to do it. In that case, call us today to schedule your rekeying appointment with one of our professional Jersey City locksmiths.

If you are wondering if rekeying your business is right for you, read on.

Rekeying is Cheaper Than Replacing Locks

The #1 reason why people choose to rekey their locks when compared to getting their locks replaced is cost. It is cheaper to rekey a lock then to pick out new locks, order the new locks, remove the old locks, and install the new locks. Why change something that is already working just fine. If your locks are keeping your business secure, than why buy a new lock just because an old employee has copies of the keys. All you need to do is hire us and we can rekey your locks and provide new keys for you.

Rekeying Increases Your Businesses’ Security

From time to time businesses lose employees for one reason or another. Some employees quit, other employees get fired, and some simply move on without any drama or problems. Many times these employees had access to the keys for the building and there are times when they have even made copies of these keys or where they can’t find their key copies. It is crucial to keep your business and your businesses’ assets safe.

One way to ensure that there are not any copies of keys floating around town is to get your locks all rekeyed and get new keys to go along with them. This way if someone decides to wrongfully enter your business using the old keys they won’t be able to. If you don’t rekey your locks and someone who has your businesses’ keys decides to come in, there will be nothing that will stop them.

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Our Customer Rating

13 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

My husband needed a locksmith and he came out and successfully opened his car. It was very good, I already left a review on google for Boris. Great service!!! We will call them again (if necessary) and recommend to friends. Thank you so much. A…

Helen Cricco | Jan 5, 2016 | Harrison, NJ

Call Today!
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Jersey City, NJ
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I was really happy that he got to me quickly. It was very important to me and even though it was in the evening he came directly and fixed my problem quickly. ~ Patrick - Jersey City, NJ

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