Do Locksmiths Unlock Cars?

Yes, we unlock cars, trucks, vans, & all other types of vehicles.


If you are like many of the people who call us needing their car unlocked, you are wondering if a locksmith unlocks cars. Yes, we do unlock cars. Do all locksmiths unlock cars? No, but they all should have the capability and experience with unlocking cars. If they say that they don’t know how to unlock a car, then we would advice not going with this company. Some may say that they don’t service this type of job because they have chosen not to, not because they don’t know how to.

Did You Lose Your Car Keys or Just Lock Them Inside?

There are a lot of reasons why someone calls us for our Jersey City car lockout services. One of these reasons is because the vehicle owner has lost their car keys. In this case they need two different services. The first is having their car unlocked and the second is getting new car keys made. We do that to. If your car key is post 1998, you will almost certainly need to have a transponder key made and programmed. We will explain this in more detail below.

Car Key Replacement

Mr. Locksmith Jersey City offers car key replacements services in Jersey City, Hoboken locksmith services, Union City, Newark, Bayonne, and surrounding cities. What types of car keys do we make, cut, and program?

We cut and program car keys for cars that are pre 1998 (these type of car keys don’t need to be programmed) and post 1998 cars, trucks, vans, etc. We use top of the line equipment to cut and program the car keys you need. These service includes car keys that need to be laser cut. You will know if you have laser cut keys because they look completely different than regular keys. The edges are not ridged but are straight and flat. The cut happens on the flat side of the key.

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Boris was great. Came on time. Changed both locks in 30 min. Saved me from an intruder who had been trying to break in recently. Well worth the amount he charged.

John | Jan 5, 2016 | Hoboken, NJ

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Client Testimonial
He fixed my car. I lost my keys in New Orleans and he came out and got a new key for my car. When I had problems, he came right back out and took care of it at no charge. ~ Eric - Kearny, NJ

Other Locksmith Services We Offer in Jersey City

We do a lot in Jersey City. We will be brief in this section of the page but feel free to see all the services we offer through the links in our menu bar.

House Rekeying

We rekey houses and apartments in Jersey City, NJ. There are a lot of reasons why customers ask us to rekey their house, apartment or business. Whatever the reason is we can come out and rekey 1 lock or many locks. We do both residential rekeying and commercial rekeying.

House Lockouts

Like our car lockout services we also offer house lockout services on an emergency basis or not so emergency basis. We have been doing this for years and are confident in our abilities to unlock your home.