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Mailbox Locksmith Bayonne, NJ

We Fix Mailbox Locks and Keys in Bayonne, New Jersey!


Welcome to Mr. Locksmith. We are a mobile locksmith company that travels throughout Bayonne, NJ to help people with any and all of their locksmith needs. Call today for our mailbox locksmith services in Bayonne, NJ. We have been doing this for a long time and are ready to come out and offer you our mailbox locksmith services.

Bayonne Mailbox Locksmith

What does it mean to by Bayonne’s Mailbox Locksmith company? It means that we have worked on mailboxes, have the equipment to work on mailboxes, and have happy customers who loved our services offered to them. Our locksmith company in Bayonne is mobile and we come to you to fix your mailbox lock, replace your mailbox lock, replace the key or fix the mailbox key.

What do we need from you?

A phone call in order to setup your appointment with one of our professional locksmiths to come out and help you. We are good at answering are phones and scheduling the right time for you.

We also need you to know which mailbox is yours. We cannot start working on a mailbox lock or key if you don’t know for certain that it is your mailbox. Some people who may not know which mailbox is there are new renters or tenants you have just moved in. If you are not located in Bayonne but Jersey City, read about our Jersey City mailbox locksmith services as well. They are identical but we just want you to know we service Jersey City as well with these services. Thanks!

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Our Customer Rating

13 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

The guy came within 20 minutes and he finished a job within two minutes best job ever thank you

Eric Stewart | Jun 25, 2017 | Jersey City, NY

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Client Testimonial
He came out for us right away to open a deadbolt on a door that we couldn't get open. He was good, he was very quick to get here and very quick to get it open as well. Overall, it was very good service. ~ Pawar - Jersey City, Nj

Other Locksmith Services We Offer

What other locksmith services does Mr. Locksmith do?

As a full service locksmith company in Jersey City it is safe to say that we do everything. However, we are going to list some of the most common and popular locksmith services we offer.

House Lockouts

We unlock homes when our customers lock themselves out!

We do house lockouts. We are trained, experienced, and have the equipment to unlock homes, apartments, and businesses when people lock themselves out. Here is one of our pages talking about house lockouts in Jersey City.

We Rekey Houses Too

Do you need your house locks rekeyed?

We rekey houses, apartments and businesses. Rekeying is an economical choice when compared to replacing all the locks in a home, apartment, or commercial building. Here is one of our pages talking about house rekeying in Jersey City.

Car Key Replacements

We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment

Many people ask if locksmiths make car keys. Yes, we do. Here is an article we just published about just this. We replace car keys in Jersey City. We also unlock cars when people lock themselves out. We just wrote a blog article about this to, Do Locksmiths Unlock Cars.

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