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Rekeying My House in Jersey City, New Jersey

We've Been Rekeying Locks For 7 Years!


Welcome to Mr. Locksmith in Jersey City. We rekey locks in Jersey City. With over 7 Years of experience we are confident in our abilities to rekey your house, apartment, or business. There are a lot of reasons why our customers use our rekeying services and the number one reason is always security.

Upgrade Your Homes Locks and Keys

On top of our rekey services we also help homeowners, renters, and business owners secure their property by upgrading their locks and Keys. We can replace old locks that are not functioning correctly or don’t provide adequate security. Our lock installation services often go hand in hand with our lock rekeying services.

If you are interested in our lock installation services, please feel free to talk to our locksmith team about this when you call in.

About Our Lock Rekeying Services

How many locks do you need rekeyed? We base our lock rekeying prices on the location of the job, the amount of key holes that need to be rekeyed, and the quantity of key copies our customers need. We can rekey one lock or many locks for you. We hope to hear from you shortly about this.

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Our Customer Rating

13 Reviews, Averaging 5 Stars!

He helped me fix my problem with my car, he helped me get into it. He was awesome, he was helpful, he was responsive, and he worked really quick.

Louis | Dec 21, 2015 | Jersey City, NJ

Call Today!
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Jersey City, NJ
Client Testimonial
I was really happy that he got to me quickly. It was very important to me and even though it was in the evening he came directly and fixed my problem quickly. ~ Patrick - Jersey City, NJ

Where We Rekey?

Our Mobile Rekeying Services

Mr. Locksmith is a mobile service company. We travel to customers throughly Jersey City. We also service the surrounding cities like Bayonne, Hoboken, Newark, Union City, North Bergen and other nearby cities.

We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to providing you with the best lock rekeying services in Jersey City.

Why People Rekey Locks

It isn’t everyday that people need to get their locks rekeyed but when they do why do they need their locks rekeyed


The most common type of home that gets rekeyed is a rental home. During the course of the rental period tenants will often copy their house keys to have spares. These spare keys can be very difficult to gather up when the tenant moves out. In fact, from a security stand point landlords should just consider it impossible to collect all the keys to the property.

Business Security

Businesses call us to rekey their property for similar reasons to landlords. The situation often occurs when past employees are fired, laid off, or quit. Sometimes these employees have keys to the office or building. To make sure that there are not extra keys floating around out there businesses will often have their locks rekeyed.

Other Types of Lock & Key Services We Offer

Mr. Jersey City Locksmith is a full service locksmith in Jersey City. Here are some of the other services we commonly offer or are doing in Jersey City.

1. Car Key Replacements in Jersey City

People either lose their car keys or need spare ones made. We have even found times when they purchased a car from an auction and it didn’t include a car key that could start the car. We make car keys and program car keys for customers. We are mobile and come to you to do so.

2. We offer our locksmith services in Hoboken, NJ too. Everything that we offer in Jersey City is offered in Hoboken as well. Call today for any service call in that city.

3. We unlock cars in Jersey City. Have you ever locked your keys in your car? If not, then you may not understand the emergency that follows. We work hard to make sure the emergency is lessened and taken care of as quickly as possible. If you have a car and have locked your keys inside, please call as soon as possible so that we can dispatch a professional locksmith to unlock it.

We offer this service in these cities in New Jersey

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